Basic Blackjack Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy will tell you when exactly you should hit i.e. draw out another card, or when you should stand. The main objective of any blackjack game is to reach a hand which is of greater value than that of the dealer. However, the number of points cannot be more than 21. Now in order to avoid making the mistake of going over 21, you should know the value of the hands. The basic blackjack strategy will tell you that the cards ranging from the number two to number nine, retain their face value. The king, queen and ace have a value of 10 and the ace can be of either 11 or one point as its value. A player can choose what value he wants to give to the ace card. Get yourself a nice bonus offer at the site! Go to the casino francais page!

The basic blackjack strategy can be decided only after the player is sure whether he has a hard or soft total. In a soft total, the player has an ace and the value of the ace is 11. So if a player has a eight and an ace, his hand value is 19. The advantage of a soft total is that the player can prevent the game from being over for him, if he changes the value of the ace. A hard total has no ace. The soft total can be converted to a hard total, by converting the value of ace from 11 to 1. If the player has a hand value between eleven to sixteen, the up card of the dealer helps him make a decision about his basic blackjack strategy. If the up card of the dealer is of the value of above seven, then the odds are against the player. That is why blackjack requires a lot of thinking, especially if the player has to win and form his basic blackjack strategy.